World Music festival
21 SEPT 2019


Started in a garden in september 2018, with a group of friends that just wanted to play music together, this meeting quickly turned into a big music event, and an alternative music gathering was born! This was a huge success considering the short time period to organise it. In total, 120 people from Soignies and surrounding cities have spent a wonderful sunny day playing, enjoying and discovering music. All of them really gave a very positive feedback, and we want the 2019 edition to be awesome and an event that everyone will remember !

The event was originally a meeting for didgeridoo players, and it quickly became a very interesting event where people have brought with them many instruments from different part of the world and played together in one voice. We invite you to come and enjoy this diversity at "Resonance Gathering" !

Help us in the organisation of this gathering with presales :




They dare playing between didgeridoo sound and musical symbols of the East. A world mix referring to trip-hop, trance and funk.



Drummin'Birds is a group of percussions the was born in Brussels two years ago. It's reason: share and offer you a lot of rythmic pleasure !

This band is composed of 16 members. Current of former students of the Ateliers de Rythme Signé de Sysmo, they met there and developed a shared passion.

This project is the chance for some to play for the first times, for others to give a direction and improvise. All have the challenge to make you move !

Jump on your feet, get close to them and let yourselves go ! Your energy will boost them !

Chrysopa Occulta

Bart & Els combine their passion for didgeridoo, native American flutes, shaman drums, ethnical voices and a bit of electronics. Hailing from the borders of the Forests near Leuven, they blend the aforementioned instruments and sounds into a mixture of ritual trance and atmospheric ambient, mixed with Middle-Eastern and Mongolian influences.

Chrysopa Occulta



An oud, tablas, a soprano saxophone : the three intersect. They talk through their different tones and colors.

Saouta's univers, fruit of an imaginary drawn by celtic, arab, indian and jazz musique, is an odd to the passing flows.

  • Soprano saxophone and compositions : Damien Brassart
  • Oud and arrangements: Akram Benrhomdane
  • Tablas and arrangements : Bernard Flament



It is with a lot of pleasure that I will present to you my favorite didgeridoo : the tree of sounds.

Special Guest

Invité Mystère

A special guest will join the party ! Little clue for didgeridoo players, our guest is planned on the Rêve de l'Aborigène 2020, the biggest didgeridoo festival in the world. Success garantied !


Several music instrument craftmen will present you their making during the whole day, perhaps you will find something you like !



Loïc Martin of Termitadidjes :

Termitadidjes, new age didgeridoos with a touch of traditional. My passion for didgeridoo is strongly influenced by the traditions, as well for the sound and playing than for the instrument, the yidaki. Termitadidjes proposes traditional instruments from the North-East of the Arnhem land, in partnership with the art center Buku-Larrngay Mulka, in Yirrkala. As didgeridoo maker, my instruments are strongly influenced by yidaki.

My devotion to Australia and didgeridoo have have brought me into this adventure of didgeridoo maker and importer of traditional instruments. This is for me a way to do a little something to contribute to a better life for aborigonals, more specificaly for the Yolngu, with who I had the opportunity to spend some time during my trips to Australia.

Discover the full collection of didgeridoos and other instruments of Loïc at !

Phônodidgs : Didgeridoo Configurables

Phônodidgs : Didgeridoo Configurables

Composed of several adjustable sections (upto 7 pipes), connected by 100% air proof joints, these didgeridoos are configurable to obtain any desired base note.

On each base note the harmonics and overtones can be adjusted as well. Take a Triple pipe model, the simplest model, it has a range of 14 base notes (from high pitch A to G#) and 37 configurations with various overtones. 37 didgs in 1 ! And this is for the smallest model !

The most important remains their sound ! Come and meet Franck Pillonetto the make of these didgs at his stand.


We'll organize some workshops during the day.


Mírko Bozzetto, didgeridoo for over 13 years, will propose two workshops during the day :

  • Workshop for all levels
    • Warm-up : body feeling, breath, positioning, anatomy of sounds, prononciation, pressures
    • Work on sound : how to make specific sounds and how to link them with precision
    • Rythmics : building of rythmical melodies based on the learned sound and how to make the different parts of the body work to facilitate the playing
  • Advanced workshop
    • Rythmical compositions : binary and ternary rythmics, polyrythmics, advanced breathing technics, beatbox, voice, speed, subtilities at low volume, building compositions in groups and improvisation.


Bernard Flament from the Saouta trio will propose a initiation workshop to Djembe and of Western African rythmics. With this workshop you will first discover the pleasure of feeling rythms played together. Then you will explore some basical techniques that will maybe make you want to move to regular practice: sounds, finger positions, tempos and cyclic rythms.

We will also discuss about the specific points of the Western African percussion whoes magic and rythmical science emerge from their musicalitiy and polyrythmic constructions. In the end of the workshop we will build our first rythms together by adding succesive layers.

Come and try it ouy ! More informations on our courses troughout the year on our website : .

Jaws harp

The jaw harp is an ancient music instrument mainly present in the Eurasian continent and known in many cultures. The tone of a jaw harp is generated by a metal tongue attached to a frame positinned on the lips or teeth, but various types of harmonics can be made.

We propose an initiation to jaw harp where we will see the basical technics to build sounds by using the tongue, cheeks, throat and breath.

Practical infos

Christophe Versieux generously invites us on his home ground for this gathering. In a little green spot in Soignies, Christophe is day by day working on planting trees and flowers to welcome you in a peacefull and enchanting place. In 3000 square meters of land, we'll have space to settle, laying on the grass, with the sweet wind of September to hear didgeridoo, handpans, jaw harps, pipes and other instruments from all over the world. If you want to be part of this project, don't hesite to come with a small bush or a flower to leave your mark.


Opening : 12h

Workshops : 13h - 18h30

Open jam : 12h - 16h30

Concerts : 16h30 - 23h


Rue des blaviers, 1

7062 Soignies

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